The Thirteenth Tale…one of my favorites

The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield, 2006.
I first came upon this book in a wonderful bookshop in Maine.  I was on vacation at the time, and  I forgot the title by the time I got home, and searched book stores in vain for months.  I stumbled upon it online, and firmly believe that it was fate.

If you love books… if you love the feel of a hardback in your hands as you turn each textured page… then this one is a treasure.  The Thirteenth Tale is a mystery revolving around two women that slowly unfolds in a gothic manor.  It sounds so Jane Eyre, but its not.  Yes, there are dark corridors and pregnant silences.  There are also libraries and gardens, and people who seem to be coincidental and small details  evolve into being the reason behind everything.  It is a story within multiple stories wrapped up with a story.

I feel that I cannot say more without rubbing away the beauty of this book.  I will be honest and say that if you want give yourself a gift.  Give yourself this book.

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