Pumpkins et les fleurs

I got this month’s  Southern Living magazine the same day I went to the farmer’s market.    At the market I got the loveliest bouquet of flowers with flowering basil in it, and a few really great ugly squash and a small pumpkin.     I arranged the flowers in a ball glass jar with the squash around it.  Instant Autumn!  I admit that it makes me happy to look at it.

I then opened up my October issue of Southern Living, expecting great fall pumpkin arrangements and what to I see but nothing original at all.  Lamer versions of what anyone with a thimble of common sense could come up with.   I’ve been thinking that I will be switching to Martha Stewart this year.

Even the recipes in Southern Living were boring and mostly meat.  One day, someone will come up with an Independent Martha Stewart-like mag that focuses on vegetarian food, farmer’s markets, thrift and vintage finds and remaking things.  For now, I have to scour  many places for ideas and usually end up going with what I thought of first.  I know there are blogs out there but I really love getting a magazine in the mail.  Right now I am really enjoying Cook’s Country and my old favorite ReadyMade, though ReadyMade is not as good as it was the first 3 years.  It’s still better than others out there.

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