Don’t Tear My 3d

Have you seen this article yet?

How mind-blowing is this project?  I love mad scientists.  Craig Hogan, who is a particle astrophysicist, wants to prove that the world we see is a “holographic projection of a 2-D surface.”  He will measure Planck Units, using these really precise clocks(pictured above) called Holometers.  Planck units are “the smallest pieces of space, time, mass and other properties of the universe.”

So the world is a hologram and reality is 2D?   This blows my mind and reminds me of the Star Trek hologram room, where personnel could go and visit a place they like to relax in.  The hologram they experienced included sensory perception so everything felt real.  It was usually a bar with a pool table.  I assume that our “hologram” must do the same because otherwise how would one explain the solid wall behind me, the chair I am sitting on.  I’m not sure if it explains the need of food or water though.  But maybe I’m limited in my perception of 2D.  Perhaps flat things eat too…?

I just hope that when Hogan’s team measures space and time, he does not laser a hole in it, ripping our hologram, causing everything to wobble a bit and then refocus into 2D.    Would all of us all the sudden go flat like cartoons?  Running around and around in a confused untextured existence?  I think I prefer to see the world as it is now: beautiful, flawed and full of 3D life.

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