sound track love

So I’ve been watching this Korean Drama: Smile, You (aka Smile Honey) and there’s this song that they always play for the heartbreaking moments.  And yes, it’s probably cheesy, but I really love this song.  So I found it to share with both the English subtitles and the Romanized Korean lyrics.  One of these days I hope I will be able to sing-a-long to this song, but I have to say that it is really hard to sing well in a language you don’t speak.  🙂

Smile, You is pretty funny.  If you’re interested in watching it, it’s available on Drama Fever.   I will warn you that it is insanely long for a Korean Drama: a total of 45 episodes!  But there are a lot of characters.   I think the parent drama is a little over the top, but the leads are awesome.  The need for approval of your parents to officially date someone when you’re in your late 20’s is a cultural difference that is a bit difficult for this western girl to imagine.  But I understand and love the importance that the Korean culture puts on family.  Though my romantic heart thinks that if two people love each other, family should always support it.  Western culture again.

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