Secret Garden: Beautiful Action

So my new favorite Korean Drama is Secret Garden. Its funny and quirky, and has great action scenes. The leading lady, Gil Ra Im played by Ha Ji Won, is a stunt woman who is not only beautiful but tough.    She is, of course, very poor and from the wrong side of the tracks.The leading guy, Kim Joo Won, played by Hyun Bin, is a rich, egocentric department store executive with his own set of problems. They meet and are inexplicably drawn to each other.

The filmography in Secret Garden is just gorgeous. When Kim Woo Jon is thinking of Gil Ra Im, he imagines her beside him, walking in time with him. It’s a really cool way to portray that ‘always on my mind feeling’ without doing too many memories or strange thought bubbles. Their method is romantic and poignant at the same time.  And the action scenes are awesome.  Because Gil Ra Im is a stunt woman, there are a lot of action scenes, both with her and the guys from her action school.   My favorite sequence is in the first episode, when she jumps from a building, falls through a skylight and starts shooting as she lands.  And then she pulls out a sword.  Too cool.

So the plot: they meet, are drawn to each other and then…switch bodies.  Yep!  I won’t give details cause that will spoil it.   While I have seen this before in American movies, the body switch is so well done in this drama.  Imagine what you would do if you were all the sudden in the body of the opposite sex.  As a woman, all the sudden a man, peeing might be a bit strange.  Plus you probably don’t want the guy to see your body naked.  Especially in conservative Korea.  So showering is an issue.  How they deal with all of this is pretty funny.

So I will stop waxing on about how great this show is and just point you to a site to watch it on.  Drama Fever is pretty fast about posting the episodes.  They are being aired now, so its only about a week delay.  There are other sites showing them faster.  I’m watching on Dramacrazy.  But I will warn you that the site has pop ups.   If you don’t want to deal with them, wait the extra day or two and go with Dramafever.  🙂

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