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When my kids and I first read Bloom , I was entranced by the unusual storyline. A kingdom of glass is falling apart and an “ordinary” girl named Genevieve, is sent to find a magic fairy to save it. The fairy, Bloom, presents her with mud, and teaches the girl to make bricks and mortar. Geneivieve learns what she can do with her own hands and hard work. She then returns to the glass kingdom and rebuilds it with bricks.

Not only is the prose great, the illustrations in Bloom are lovely and have so much energy. Even the text is alive. The words move; get larger, smaller, swing across the page. This gives the story energy, and adds depth to the different characters. It’s also fun for kids to read.

I love that the lessons of this story are that magic is great but ingenuity and hard work are better, getting dirty is okay, and there are no ordinary girls, only extraordinary ones. Bloom has a permanent place on our favorites shelf, and I hope it finds its way to yours.

by Doreen Cronin (author) and David Small (illustrator)

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