I’m always wanting to recommend books to people.  I read a lot and really enjoy the crafting of words and ideas.  In addition to my blogged book reviews, here’s a list of some of my favorite books and authors.
A lot of the time I get addicted to an author and tear through everything they’ve written.  Perhaps most of you are also like this.  I am really into serials, trilogies, and series…I love a good long story.   And I always want to know what happens next to a character.  That is not to say that I only read serials.  I think the completeness of one story is like the wholeness of one person.  Serials are like families.  I admire authors who want to you to know what is next for their characters and those who want to leave us with an air of mystery.  One of the loveliest things about this world is the infinite variety of life and imagination.

I’ll be adding to this list regularly and I am listing in no particular order.

the Harry Potter Series (of course)
The Poisoner’s Handbook
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel
The Chronicles of Narnia
A Discovery of Witches
The Thirteenth Tale


Banana Yoshimoto: my favorites are Kitchen and Amrita
Craig Johnson: Walt Longmire mysteries.  Just plain awesome.
Jacquelyn Winspear
Jasper Fforde: The Eyre Affair
L. E.  Moddesitt Jr.
Mercedes Lackey
Barbara Cleverly ( I’m into her Letitia Talbot series)

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