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Kitty Creatures

I’ve got lots of new Kitty Creatures for ELF!   You can also now check out my facebook page!


GypsyWitch love

3 of my very talented friends have formed a collective of their creative geniuses.   Their individual brands are Mi Scusi Hand Made, Reciprocities and Riverbasin Outfitters, and their combined power is called GypsyWitch.  Check out their new lookbook!



Having a toddler means lots of bibs. I started making my own with fun prints and western snaps. This year at the ELF Fair (Dec.1, downtown Carrboro), I’ll be selling my bibs for the first time!

oh how the time goes…

So obviously I have been pretty caught up with being a mom, and have greatly neglected my blog.  I promise to do better in the future.  I’ve done some really fun projects for my little girl and others and can’t wait to share them.  I am currently obsessed with Pinterest and admit to a love of pinning ideas.
My current Easter Sunny Spring Board is getting a lot of my attention:

Check it out for some fun Easter ideas!

Meow meow

Forgive the long break, I was taking some time and getting to know my daughter.  🙂 Crazily enough, I have learned that its really hard to blog and craft with an newborn!
I finally started crafting again a 2 weeks ago, inspired by making my little one’s Halloween costume. I had found these cute Babylegs with cats on them and decided that she would be a cat. Luckily Carters made a black cat onesie this year, so I just needed to make the ears and tail.
For her ears I crocheted a head band in black and crocheted on some triangles for the ears. I then crocheted a long tail with a button hole, so it could go around her waist and be pulled through. I’m really into baby accessories without fasteners right now.
The result was a very cute kitty:

Please note: if you attempt a similar costume, please do not leave your baby unattended wearing headband ears or tail belt.

I think I love Pinterest

thought I’d share my boards. I’m new to Pinterest so I don’t have a lot up yet but I am having the best time adding to my boards and following others.
some of my recent favorites:

Mini Mobile

The two yellow birds that I made didn’t quite go with my friend’s color scheme. So I made another bird from my favorite Hawaiian fabric to go with them, added two little hearts, and hung them all from a little branch.
Et viola! A mini bird mobile for my baby’s first sleeping/diapering area (in our room). I am not sure what height I want it at yet so the strings aren’t tied off, but you get the idea. I think it goes really well with my vintage sheet curtains and a painting by my Grandma. The painting is supposed to be my mom as a girl.  It used to hang in my room when I was little.   I’ve always loved it.

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