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GypsyWitch love

3 of my very talented friends have formed a collective of their creative geniuses.   Their individual brands are Mi Scusi Hand Made, Reciprocities and Riverbasin Outfitters, and their combined power is called GypsyWitch.  Check out their new lookbook!


I think I love Pinterest

thought I’d share my boards. I’m new to Pinterest so I don’t have a lot up yet but I am having the best time adding to my boards and following others.
some of my recent favorites:

So sweet!

My friend, Laura, mentioned my Kitty Creatures in one of her blog posts.   I made her little girl one for Xmas, and its so nice to know that the red plaid Kitty is being loved.  And of course this mention made me feel pretty sweet.
I’ve really been loving Laura’s blog and all of the tips, recipes and advice she offers.  My favorite piece of advice “Don’t stress over a party, it’s supposed to be fun.  It’s a Party.”  She is also great at taking photos of her projects.  I so admire that!

You too can enjoy this fun crafty blog here:  chock full of…

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