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Meow meow

Forgive the long break, I was taking some time and getting to know my daughter.¬† ūüôā Crazily enough, I have learned that its really hard to blog and craft with an newborn!
I finally started crafting again a 2 weeks ago, inspired by making my little one’s Halloween costume. I had found these cute Babylegs with cats on them and decided that she would be a cat. Luckily Carters made a black cat onesie this year, so I just needed to make the ears and tail.
For her ears I crocheted a head band in black and crocheted on some triangles for the ears. I then crocheted a long tail with a button hole, so it could go around her waist and be pulled through. I’m really into baby accessories without fasteners right now.
The result was a very cute kitty:

Please note: if you attempt a similar costume, please do not leave your baby unattended wearing headband ears or tail belt.


Handmade Rug by Me!

So, I’ve been really bad at blogging lately. ¬†There’s been a lot of new changes going on in my world. ¬†In addition to having an online vintage store and an Etsy store for my own creations, I have also been creating for a someone new. ¬†And that new person will have a cute nursery room in our house that we’ve been setting up just for her. ¬†Being a crafty person, I wanted her nursery to have pieces in it that I made myself just for her. ¬† I thought I would start with something that was a bit funky but simple and functional.

So my first project was crocheting a rug out of strips of t-shirts.  I had been collecting t-shirts to make a rug for a couple of years, but never got around to it.  Needing a rug for the nursery inspired me to get cracking on it.

It ended up taking 15 t-shirts and about 10 more t-shirt pieces that I had cut up for other projects, but my rug is done!  I crocheted it in what was supposed to be an oval but ended up more round.   It took about 3 weeks of my free time, and I love it!

I admit that it’s a bit lumpy, and curled up on the ends at first, so I sprayed it with a water bottle and used heavy books wrapped in plastic bags to weight it down for about a week. ¬†Now, it’s a bit of bright fun in the room and goes great with our¬†turquoise¬†walls and white crib!

If you would like to try your own “rag” rug from t-shirts, the tutorial I used is found here at

The finished look:

Fishnet Gloves

I’ve been really into crocheting fishnet lately. ¬†I started out making a few cuffs with fishnet and they morphed into a pattern for these fingerless gloves. ¬†They fasten with vintage buttons on the side so the size can be adjusted. ¬†The red gloves are made of cotton yarn and are a bit longer. ¬†I think of them as glam grunge. ¬†The cream gloves are¬†bamboo and so soft, and a bit¬†decadent. ¬†Very Victorian lady of the manor out for tea.
I’ve already have a few pairs for sale at Roulette Vintage, and I will be putting some up on my Etsy soon!

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