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GypsyWitch love

3 of my very talented friends have formed a collective of their creative geniuses.   Their individual brands are Mi Scusi Hand Made, Reciprocities and Riverbasin Outfitters, and their combined power is called GypsyWitch.  Check out their new lookbook!


spring t-shirt dresses

 I always have this huge pile of old t-shirts and other tops that just don’t quite fit with lots of plans about what I am going to do with them.

I am really happy to say that I finally made a few dresses!  These were created by using a top from my pile and the bottom of a t-shirt.

I premiered them at  the OCAM craft market this past weekend. which was tons of fun.
Here are the results.  🙂

Fashion Shots

I do a lot of fashion photography for my vintage store and my Etsy shop.  I love to dress my friends up and have them model clothes for me.  Now I am not a photographer, except by need.  It’s a lot of fun, but as I am just an amateur, only about one out of 30 shots is good enough to use.  That being said, I do love it when I get lucky and capture the light and model in a way that is unexpected and pretty.   One of these days I am going to study light and exposures to get better at photography.  But for now with my need to take lots of photos for work, you can’t beat a simple digital camera, so I use a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot.  Simple and fits in my pocket.  It’s great for traversing around our small town, looking for cool locations.
Here are some shots from a shoot I did this past Sunday with my friends: Rebekah and Grace.

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