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My Top Nonfiction Animal Books

My son loves animals, like really LOVES animals. If you too, have an animal lover in your house, these nonfiction books will soon become favorites. Each book has beautiful illustrations, great content, and offers an unique look at the animal (and bird) world.

The Big Book of Beasts by Yuval Zommer
A larger book that talks about the non-friendly wild mammals of the animal kingdom. Each animal page starts with a question such as “How does a beast protect itself?” “How grumpy is a baboon?” and “Why is an armadillo covered in armor?” Your wild one will love the humor and fun facts.

Table of contents

Atlas of Animal Adventures
Illustrated by Lucy Letherland
Written by Rachel Williams and Emily Hawkins

Another large book with great illustrations. There are maps of the continents and select animals that live there, as well as detailed scenes and information about each animal. Two of my favorites are the barn owls in France, which shows owls swooping over fields of lavender, and the Giant Pandas of China. (below)

Giant Pandas, China

Beautiful Birds
by Jean Roussen and Emmanuelle Walker

An alphabet book of birds. I love the bright colors of the illustrations and the fun verse.

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts
by Maja Safstrom
Sketches of animals and accompanying information, that you might not know, make this book a keeper for kids who can’t get enough animal facts. It also looks like a field journal, which appeals to my young explorers.

Sloths are so slow...

A Zeal of Zebras, An Alphabet of Collected Nouns
by Woop Studios
An unusual alphabet book. You start with An Aurora of Polar Bears and finish with a Zeal of Zebras. One of my favorites is An Implausibilty of Gnus. Each animal is accompanied by an illustration and a couple paragraphs.

An implausibility of Gnus