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Mini Mobile

The two yellow birds that I made didn’t quite go with my friend’s color scheme. So I made another bird from my favorite Hawaiian fabric to go with them, added two little hearts, and hung them all from a little branch.
Et viola! A mini bird mobile for my baby’s first sleeping/diapering area (in our room). I am not sure what height I want it at yet so the strings aren’t tied off, but you get the idea. I think it goes really well with my vintage sheet curtains and a painting by my Grandma. The painting is supposed to be my mom as a girl.  It used to hang in my room when I was little.   I’ve always loved it.


Little Birds

A friend of mine liked the mobile that I made for my new niece, and asked that I make some birds for her sister’s nursery.  She is going to put the mobile together herself, which i think will add a special touch.  I had the best time making the birds though!
The theme was green and blue, and I love the bright summery feel to the blended fabric patterns.

Drawing Dragons

I love hand making birthday cards. Actually I just love making cards for any occasion. But especially kid’s birthday cards. For my dragon loving nephew, I pulled out my drawing skills, and made him this dragon card.

I do have a secret weapon:
Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals.
I have no idea where I found this book or when. I feel like I’ve had it in my art box forever. Its great though. Easy instructions on drawing a variety of animals. Vintage style. Love it!


Handmade Rug by Me!

So, I’ve been really bad at blogging lately.  There’s been a lot of new changes going on in my world.  In addition to having an online vintage store and an Etsy store for my own creations, I have also been creating for a someone new.  And that new person will have a cute nursery room in our house that we’ve been setting up just for her.  Being a crafty person, I wanted her nursery to have pieces in it that I made myself just for her.   I thought I would start with something that was a bit funky but simple and functional.

So my first project was crocheting a rug out of strips of t-shirts.  I had been collecting t-shirts to make a rug for a couple of years, but never got around to it.  Needing a rug for the nursery inspired me to get cracking on it.

It ended up taking 15 t-shirts and about 10 more t-shirt pieces that I had cut up for other projects, but my rug is done!  I crocheted it in what was supposed to be an oval but ended up more round.   It took about 3 weeks of my free time, and I love it!

I admit that it’s a bit lumpy, and curled up on the ends at first, so I sprayed it with a water bottle and used heavy books wrapped in plastic bags to weight it down for about a week.  Now, it’s a bit of bright fun in the room and goes great with our turquoise walls and white crib!

If you would like to try your own “rag” rug from t-shirts, the tutorial I used is found here at

The finished look:

So sweet!

My friend, Laura, mentioned my Kitty Creatures in one of her blog posts.   I made her little girl one for Xmas, and its so nice to know that the red plaid Kitty is being loved.  And of course this mention made me feel pretty sweet.
I’ve really been loving Laura’s blog and all of the tips, recipes and advice she offers.  My favorite piece of advice “Don’t stress over a party, it’s supposed to be fun.  It’s a Party.”  She is also great at taking photos of her projects.  I so admire that!

You too can enjoy this fun crafty blog here:  chock full of…

Now at Roulette Vintage…

More Creatures!  Kitty and Snorkel Creatures are now at Roulette Vintage!

I will also be at the ELF FAIR in Carrboro, NC this Saturday!   If you’re in the area, you should stop by.  There will be lots of great local crafters and artists!

Fishnet Gloves

I’ve been really into crocheting fishnet lately.  I started out making a few cuffs with fishnet and they morphed into a pattern for these fingerless gloves.  They fasten with vintage buttons on the side so the size can be adjusted.  The red gloves are made of cotton yarn and are a bit longer.  I think of them as glam grunge.  The cream gloves are bamboo and so soft, and a bit decadent.  Very Victorian lady of the manor out for tea.
I’ve already have a few pairs for sale at Roulette Vintage, and I will be putting some up on my Etsy soon!

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