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Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Its been awhile since I’ve shared photos of my bounty from the Carrboro Farmer’s Market.  I go each week and always manage to spend all of my money! This week was a bit nostalgic.  All the vendors have been watching my belly grow all summer.  Every week, they comment on how it’ll be any day now.   Today, I was agreeing.  Maybe this baby will be on time, come on Monday, and I’ll be back shopping for fresh veggies by the next week.  I can be optimistic, right?
I do love that in a small town, you can see the same people week after week, and watch their lives change bit by bit.  Makes me feel part the bigger moving picture of life.

This week’s bounty:


Pumpkins et les fleurs

I got this month’s  Southern Living magazine the same day I went to the farmer’s market.    At the market I got the loveliest bouquet of flowers with flowering basil in it, and a few really great ugly squash and a small pumpkin.     I arranged the flowers in a ball glass jar with the squash around it.  Instant Autumn!  I admit that it makes me happy to look at it.

I then opened up my October issue of Southern Living, expecting great fall pumpkin arrangements and what to I see but nothing original at all.  Lamer versions of what anyone with a thimble of common sense could come up with.   I’ve been thinking that I will be switching to Martha Stewart this year.

Even the recipes in Southern Living were boring and mostly meat.  One day, someone will come up with an Independent Martha Stewart-like mag that focuses on vegetarian food, farmer’s markets, thrift and vintage finds and remaking things.  For now, I have to scour  many places for ideas and usually end up going with what I thought of first.  I know there are blogs out there but I really love getting a magazine in the mail.  Right now I am really enjoying Cook’s Country and my old favorite ReadyMade, though ReadyMade is not as good as it was the first 3 years.  It’s still better than others out there.

Wednesday Farmer’s Markets

Every Wednesday, 3 of my friends and I meet at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market to hang out and stock our larders.  We’ve been doing this for a few years, so we’ve gotten to know a lot of the awesome farmers and other crafters at the market.  Its our social event of our week.  Admittedly, many at the Market may think we’re a little crazy but we’re a nice crazy.
I don’t remember the exact amount I spent, but this past Wednesday I gathered into my totes: Tomatoes, cherry Cherokee tomatoes, poblano peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, shitake mushrooms,basil, spicy greens, arugala, corn, fresh field peas(like black eyed), Wildflower honey, half a loaf of potato bread and some bright zinnias.  All for between $40-50.  Nice, huh?

So far I’ve made: Black been + zucchini + spicy greens with fresh guacamole burritos, arugala and tomato on potato bread sandwiches, fried eggplant with homemade pesto + cherokee tomatoes  and penne pasta.  Last night my culinary skills stretched to BBQ Tempeh with jambalaya rice + fresh field peas + Sauteed squash + sliced heirloom tomato.

I’ll be throwing that leftover BBQ tempeh in a tortilla with some spicy greens, tomatoes and greek yogurt for lunch.  Yum!

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