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GypsyWitch love

3 of my very talented friends have formed a collective of their creative geniuses.   Their individual brands are Mi Scusi Hand Made, Reciprocities and Riverbasin Outfitters, and their combined power is called GypsyWitch.  Check out their new lookbook!


An Interview with Birds and Arrows!

I also write for my store’s blog, and I wanted to share with y’all my first band interview.   We talked about fashion, crafting and music!  I am hoping to do this as a regular thing from now on.   Let me know what you think!

An Interview with Birds and Arrows!.

Fashion Shots

I do a lot of fashion photography for my vintage store and my Etsy shop.  I love to dress my friends up and have them model clothes for me.  Now I am not a photographer, except by need.  It’s a lot of fun, but as I am just an amateur, only about one out of 30 shots is good enough to use.  That being said, I do love it when I get lucky and capture the light and model in a way that is unexpected and pretty.   One of these days I am going to study light and exposures to get better at photography.  But for now with my need to take lots of photos for work, you can’t beat a simple digital camera, so I use a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot.  Simple and fits in my pocket.  It’s great for traversing around our small town, looking for cool locations.
Here are some shots from a shoot I did this past Sunday with my friends: Rebekah and Grace.

I love Korean Dramas

WED/THURS - MBC - PLAYFUL KISS  장난스런 키스 (2010)

Image by via Flickr

I am going to admit to one of my recent obsessions: Korean Dramas.  Yes, I know…what?  Korean Dramas?   I am not Korean, do not speak the language and have never even been there.  The closest I have come to Korea is almost moving there when I was 12 and growing up with my Dad’s love for homemade kimchi.   Funny and heartfelt, great acting and scripts, and wonderfully filmed; Korean dramas are my new love.

I tend to watch a lot of online TV shows at night while I am sewing and crocheting, and I stumbled upon a cool Korean show: Boys Over Flowers on Hulu.  It had so many stars that I decided to give it a go …and so it began.  I loved the show, the actors, storyline, and the clothes of course.  The Korean language is beautiful and I am fascinated by the formal/informal speech.  I admit that it was a bit difficult to watch a subtitled show and crochet at the same time but I got the hang of it and started watching other Korean shows.  I think my husband fears that I will wake up speaking Korean one of these days.

So I thought I’d share with you my favorite Korean Dramas.  Hands down, my top pick is Playful Kiss.  A cute story of love from high school to college, it is really funny and the characters are endearing.  Plus I love the actors they picked for it.  Coming in a close second is Personal Taste, a story of an architect and furniture designer who become roommates.  I don’t want to give synopses of each one because I am really afraid that I will spill something, but they both had me laughing and crying.  Need I say more?

The real tear-jerkers are Boys Over Flowers(also known as Boys Before Flowers) and Goong. That is not to say you won’t laugh, but they are a bit more dramatic.  And if you love fashion both of these have wonderful costume and set design.   Boys Over Flowers is all about a poor yet brave girl going to a rich school and going up against an elite set of 4 young men: F4.  The cast is really great, and because they are all incredibly rich, the clothes are fantastic.    Goong is a modern fairy tale of a prince and princess.  The traditional Korean culture and modern life are gorgeously presented and  I think the tug of war between them is classic.

It does seem to be a common trend of  plain girl versus gorgeous and/or rich guy in most of these dramas.  I think all of the actresses are pretty but they are often portrayed as clumsy, poor or having a better personality than looks.  They are usually very hard-working and stubborn.  I find this predictable but it’s also really nice compared to American heroines needing to be perfect specimens.  I have been informed that Koreans are really into plastic surgery, and that it is not a big deal to have it done.  The casual references to this are surprising at first.   This is interesting in comparison, its like their dramas are rebelling against the surgery trend.  They seem to point out that there is more beauty in who you are than just how you look.   But I suspect that a lot of the actors have had cosmetic work done.

What I also like about these shows is that they are each only one season long.  The seasons are between 16 and 45 episodes, and the story arches through these, instead of being dragged out over a number of seasons and ending with a blah.  I find this a nice change from American shows.   They seem to often be based on Japanese Mangas, which is interesting, as the storyline is complete before they start doing the script or filming.  The Korean culture is also interestingly different from Western; a kiss is a big deal and means something, so is sex.  They really draw out the first kiss, with lots of slow shots.  I like that it’s not about who is sleeping with who, that there is more character development and less bedroom scenes.  It may be old-fashioned but it’s also refreshing to have a focus more on emotional relationships of the characters and less on physical.

It is also very cool to see Seoul and other parts of Korea.  I had never really thought about it before.  Most of us know what certain parts of Asia look like, but I had no idea what Korea looked like.  Seoul isn’t as obvious and flashy as Tokyo or Hong Kong.  Its huge, and has an unusual mix of American, European and Asian culture.  I assume that this is due in part to the American military presence and that many Koreans study abroad in the EU or US.

If you’re interested, you can watch Korean Dramas on these sites: (fastest subtitling and has lots of shows from other countries as well.  The subtitles are done by volunteers so it’s not always perfect, but the slang and variations is better represented and explained on occasion.)
Drama Fever (Korean drama channel)
and ( American online channel)
Some of the shows are on all of the sites and some are only available on one of the first two.  Viikii  has a commercial free full length video option for most of their shows that is pretty cool.  Drama Fever has fewer commercials than Hulu, but Hulu can sometimes have the best video quality.

My other recommended shows are:
PastaCinderella Man(all about the fashion industry) and  Shining Inheritance(Brilliant Legacy)
Plus You’re Beautiful, lame music but awesome humor.

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