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Mini Mobile

The two yellow birds that I made didn’t quite go with my friend’s color scheme. So I made another bird from my favorite Hawaiian fabric to go with them, added two little hearts, and hung them all from a little branch.
Et viola! A mini bird mobile for my baby’s first sleeping/diapering area (in our room). I am not sure what height I want it at yet so the strings aren’t tied off, but you get the idea. I think it goes really well with my vintage sheet curtains and a painting by my Grandma. The painting is supposed to be my mom as a girl.  It used to hang in my room when I was little.   I’ve always loved it.


Little Birds

A friend of mine liked the mobile that I made for my new niece, and asked that I make some birds for her sister’s nursery.  She is going to put the mobile together herself, which i think will add a special touch.  I had the best time making the birds though!
The theme was green and blue, and I love the bright summery feel to the blended fabric patterns.

spring t-shirt dresses

 I always have this huge pile of old t-shirts and other tops that just don’t quite fit with lots of plans about what I am going to do with them.

I am really happy to say that I finally made a few dresses!  These were created by using a top from my pile and the bottom of a t-shirt.

I premiered them at  the OCAM craft market this past weekend. which was tons of fun.
Here are the results.  🙂

Creatures: stuffed and small.

I found this great vintage Simplicity pattern for little stuffed animals, and decided to make one my niece’s birthday.  I picked the camel because its cute and easy for one year old hands to hold.  I made her older brother one too. (So he won’t steal hers!)   They were pretty easy to cut out and sew together, but  I will admit that the turning and stuffing were a bit  painstaking at times.  I am also guilty of not being very good at embroidery.  Those eyes I did are a bit wonky.

When I was cleaning up the scraps of fabric, I unfolded one and saw the cutest little alien monster, just waiting to be made.  So I also created Creature, the friendly alien monster.  I used felt bits for the detail work and just made it up as I went along.  It was hard to decide where his eyes should be and I’m not sure if thats a mouth or a nose.  I also added a bum for fun.  He turned out pretty well though.  I plan on making a series of creatures now.  I’ll have to come up with some good names for them.

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