Picture Books

Sleep Like A Tiger

Sleep Like a Tiger is one of our family’s favorite books. The gorgeous multimedia illustration and the gentle storyline grabs me every time. This is a great book to read out loud.

I love that the little girl doesn’t want to go to bed. (We’ve all heard that one!) So her parents say she can stay up all night long. But first, she should brush her teeth, put on her pjs, and snuggle down in her bed. Once in bed, she asks if animals sleep too. Her parents assure her that everything sleeps; otters, her dog and cat, bats, whales, snails, grizzly bears and tigers.

My children like to follow the little girl’s routine, stretch their toes down into their warm bed, curl up like a snail and finally: sleep like a tiger.

Sleep Like a Tiger
written by Mary Logue
illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski